The Ten80 RaceRail System allows you to create your own race course using modular RoadDomes and RaceRails. Features described below include:

  • Flexible layouts
  • Visual and barrier tracks
  • Lightweight and portable, fitting in most vehicles for transport.
  • Durable
  • Stable, with minimal sliding

Flexible Layouts

RaceRails connect at varying angles and stay secured.  Industrial strength fasteners resist impacts and assemble quickly with a new push in and unscrew out feature.
RoadDomes have a diameter of 12 inches and RaceRails are 6 feet long . When two rails are setup in a line, overlap is 12 inches on each end. 5 rails connected into a line results in 25.5 feet.
Large Track Layout 75x50
A medium track pack (100 rails) offers immense flexibility in designing your racetrack. A large pack (150 rails) would give you the option to create barriers at places where teams are likely to cut corners.
Small Track 30x50
A small track pack (50 rails) still offers a lot of possibility in track design.

Create a Barrier Track

By inverting and attaching RaceRails, you can create an entire wall around your track as well as create walls wherever you need them inside the perimeter of the track.  Make sure to calculate those two-rail sections when planning your track and which set you need.
Unlike PVC pipe or 2×4 tracks, RaceRails absorb the impact energy of the car and help minimize damage. Your car will bounce back into the lane without flying over, shoving under or illegally cutting corners.
Make sure to calculate those two-rail sections when planning your track and choosing which set is right for you.  Choose from small, medium and large track packs.  Extra RaceRails come in packs of 25.



The system is specially manufactured to not only look good, but help you save space.  100 RaceRails stack up to less than 2 feet high and 25 domes stack up to under 1 foot high. Even a medium racetrack (100 RaceRails and 25 RoadDomes) can easily fit inside a Honda civic hatchback. Now you can race wherever, whenever!


RaceRails overlap each other in the direction of traffic for high strength straightaways and rigid corners. High impact strength plastic with UV protective additives is used to resist sunlight and be durable enough to withstand years of abuse.

Rubber Grips

Super grip rubber on the underside of every RoadDome and RaceRail grip outdoor and indoor surfaces to maintain their position without sliding or tipping over.
Each rail has grips molded into the plastic.