Modular & Portable Racetrack System

Under New Management!  Our team at Ten80 Education is resurrecting the globally beloved RoadRail Racing System.

The Ten80 Race Rail System is the same  professional quality, convenient RC competition track that is both portable and durable.  What’s new is our team that’s dedicated to providing you the best service and support possible.

Ten80 hosts RC and Robotics competitions for K-12 students all over the United States. After trying every alternative out there, including PVC and corrugated plastic, our team discovered this system and decided we couldn’t live without it.

Here are some of the reasons why.  The Ten80 RaceRail System:

  • Works indoor on carpet, gym or conference floors
  • Works outdoors on concrete and asphalt surfaces
  • Works for all scales of RC vehicles
  • Is portable and shippable
  • Can become a barrier track by doubling up rails
  • Fosters creativity!  If you can design the track, you can build the track … as long as you factor in the length of the different rail and dome configurations of course.